Making a Come Back. Really?

This is a simple writing test on my old page of CoS i.e. Collections of Swakarya.

Wow, it has been a long time since ... since 'that' time.

Now, life is still hectic. Challenges and rewards take place one after another. But I must strive to always put happiness as the ultimate goal of everything.

Happiness come in many forms, and not all forms are preferable (trust me). I still need extra help to recognize them, sometimes.

Ambitions are still the same and continuous. For example, to be a better me than yesterday. After all these years, I still find this one the toughest. Lucky me, I have two best friends who never fail me whenever I need them, i.e. Hopes and Prayers.

World of blogging has passed through many generations. I guess, now, they are called in many different names. E.g. Facebooking, twittering, insta-ing etc due to their exciting and user friendly features. I feel glad in one hand, but not so contempt on the other. Idk.

So, I guess that what makes me do this post now. Besides I just want to remind myself the good 'old' times :)

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Anugerah dan Do'a

Demi Cita,
yang berkiblatkan Fitratallah,
dan demi Cinta,
yang kan subur dengan siraman mawaddah
dengan mauMu ya Rabbul Izzati
hati pun membulatkan tekad
tuk menyatu segala doa dan harap

lalu, waktu pun berhenti
di tengah kekalutan mencari makna
mimpi yang sebelumnya tak pernah datang
dalam jagaku maupun tidurku

di antara ruang yang paling sempit
dan di antara hal-hal yang paling rumit
mencelah satu rasa yang tak terbanding
walau hati dan kudrat merasa belum kuat
entah dari mana anugerah tak ternilai ini
bisa kuraih

semua kekurangan yang membuat resah
dan semua kelebihan yang belum terbaca
karna seribu doa yang mengiringi permulaan ini
pasti kan menyatu dua hati
yang selama ini terlalu biasa berjuang sendiri

Demi Cita,
yang akur dengan ketetapan,
dan demi Cinta,
yang tumbuh subur dengan kesabaran
Segala do'a kami satukan
Dengan mauMu ya Rabb,
Semoga diperkenan.

f14, Sept 10, 2011

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