'Workaholic' Trip to Johor Bharu

2009 to 2010 is a hectic transition, because of my involvement to one ICT project implementation at Jay Bee - Johor Bharu. Tiring and sickening, but I was grateful for doing an out-of-routine job. New experience, new knowledge, new problem, new faces, ... ALL BRAND NEW, and it suits with the New Year 2010 celebration.

JB people?

My friend said that JB fellows are mostly arrogant. But I like one aunty who work in the hotel cafe, not just for her tasty foods, but also for her sweet & warm welcoming smile :-)

Working Trip - back and forth from KL to JB

Job Location?
Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), Danga Bay, Johor Bharu

KOZI Hotel, Danga Bay

Dec 2009 till Mar 2010

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