Making a Come Back. Really?

This is a simple writing test on my old page of CoS i.e. Collections of Swakarya.

Wow, it has been a long time since ... since 'that' time.

Now, life is still hectic. Challenges and rewards take place one after another. But I must strive to always put happiness as the ultimate goal of everything.

Happiness come in many forms, and not all forms are preferable (trust me). I still need extra help to recognize them, sometimes.

Ambitions are still the same and continuous. For example, to be a better me than yesterday. After all these years, I still find this one the toughest. Lucky me, I have two best friends who never fail me whenever I need them, i.e. Hopes and Prayers.

World of blogging has passed through many generations. I guess, now, they are called in many different names. E.g. Facebooking, twittering, insta-ing etc due to their exciting and user friendly features. I feel glad in one hand, but not so contempt on the other. Idk.

So, I guess that what makes me do this post now. Besides I just want to remind myself the good 'old' times :)

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