Ultah dan Ultah Lagi

Waktu berlari menerobos tak tunggu siapa, tak kira di mana. Walau di saat nafas tercungap di kerongkongan, walau pundak serasa copot, saking kelamaan memikul karung Cita dan Cinta, yang nyata lebih besar dari nyali.

Dan demi menuntut ilmu dari sifu teragung yang namanya pengalaman, gua-gua kudus yang disinggahi memberi pelajaran tak ternilai. Misal, bagaimana caranya menguntumkan senyum ikhlas, termanis sejagat raya di saat hati berdarah karna barusan direjam batu. (hehe..lebay!)
Terus, bagaimana mengendali mobil yang tak bisa lagi bergerak karna kehabisan bensin atau baterainya mati, hanya dengan berbekal senyum termanis seperti tadi.

Maka pelajaran penting adalah, masih banyak manusia budiman di sekeliling kita dan tak wajar menghukum semua orang atas kebodohan satu orang saja.

Demi semua anugerah yang tak pernah putus ternikmati, rasanya malu untuk terus meminta dan meminta. Angin semilir yang menghembus dan mendinginkan hati, kadang masih terasa kurang nyaman dan minta lagi. Padahal di lembah tandus seberang sana sudah saban tahun tak mengenal keamanan, apa lagi kenyamanan.

Namun acapkali, permintaan yang tak terpenuhi diganti oleh jalan kegembiraan yang datang tak disangka. Lalu, mau apa lagi hati?

Demi Cita,
Pandaikan aku untuk lebih mampu menggalang tanggugjawab, sadarkan kewarasanku bila tertidur, dan adili aku bila salah mengingkari dalam taat. Semoga diperkenan.

Demi Cinta,
Takkan aku kembali sebelum memberi dan menerima secukupnya kasih. Semoga diperkenan.


Salam Ulang Taon sekali lagi buat AQU. . . today, 0n 22nd September 2010.

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How Vital is Language?

(English Pronunciation Seminar by Keith Wright from International Language Academy Australia)

How vital is language?

"Economic strength of a country depends on the literacy/illiteracy level of its people".

Keith Wright (International Language Academy Australia) pointed out this line several times and stressed out its meaning repeatedly to the audience of the English Pronunciation Seminar last night.

I was stunned, not because of getting startled by the meaning of the quote, but because of the way he stared with his bulging blue eyes to the audience; to me. He seems so energetic and passionate to trigger people’s awareness on how important English Language is to our life; to our world.

Pronunciation errors happened every time and everywhere. There are several, in fact many different factors we've used to support the reasoning behind this. The audience laughed out loud when he imitated few English accents of different countries. I giggle quietly when he pointed out to common Australian pronunciation mistakes. He seems to know my sceptical thought about Australians who are equally careless about the way they speak.

Australia has always recognised as one country that has spent a huge amount of money for education, and yet he mentioned, the level of literacy for its people is relatively low if compared to what they have invested.

Why is this happened?

The methodology that being implemented was not effective enough to put the people into one satisfying level of achievement. Learning English is not too hard with the right method, he said. The concept is simple; learn to know the rule, understand the rule, and then just follow them.

How if there’s no rule applicable?

“We create one!” he answered so passionately.

“Walk your index and middle finger on the table like this and repeat what I say”, he exclaimed and forced everyone to do the same.

When two vowels walk together, the first vowel speaks first”, he shouted while his two fingers keep doing the ‘walk’ on the table. The audience eagerly repeated that sentence while doing the same walking-action. He then continued with different funny act for different rule.

“Everyone stands up now, walk like a robot and say this line too, like a robot” he instructed while imitating a robot move and voice out this line, “W sends a warning to be wary, as the sounds and symbols may vary”. Once again, the hall shook off with laughter when audience started acting like a robot while saying out the sentence the way a robot does.

Vowels are vital. Pronunciation is vital. Words can change from noun to verb because of the position of their accent. The noun is stressed on the first syllable; the verb on the second syllable. "Combat" if you accent it on COM i.e. COMbat, it's a noun. If you accent it on BAT i.e. comBAT, it's a verb.

Well... the rule goes on and on till we completed the two hour talk with joy. It was the first time I saw people enjoyed so much in an English class that teaches you the rule of vowels! So hilarious to see everyone acted like a child and did not hesitate to be treated like one. Nevertheless, this was just an icebreaking session to trigger ones interest of enhancing their English literacy level.

As for me, I was so thankful to Keith for giving out some materials for free. He put some condition though. Whoever receives the materials has a responsibility to share them with others, and this is a MUST. (Baik sangat la tue.. hihi)

So, dear folks, you are free to download them on the below list. Enjoy!

#4S In Brief.Pdf
‎#4S Introduction to 4S-AEP Methodology 2009 - 2010.pdf
‎‎#4S International-English Phonetic Chart.pdf
#4S Thirty Characteristics of English.pdf
#4S Keys to Understanding Pronunciation and Spelling.pdf
‎#4S Pronouncing Nouns and Verbs.pdf
#4S 150 Helpful Hints for Grammar.pdf ‎
#4S 100 Wrongly Pronounced Words.pdf
‎#4S 21 Selected 4S Keys to Understanding Pronunciation.pdf ‎
#4S 20 Common Speech Habits.pdf
‎#4S Business Management Lexicon 2010.pdf
#4S My Personal Lexicon.pdf
‎‎#4S ESL - Colloquial Sayings.pdf
#4S Difference - Advantages.pdf


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SHoP III - Aspen Love Mother Earth

Aspen School Holiday Program, SHoP (III)

ASPEN Love Mother Earth

Private orchard at Sg. Buloh

14th March 2010

Part of the activities:
1.Kejar ayam
2.Catch butterfly/dragonfly
4.Identify plants
5.Climb tree
6.Collect leaves/plants for collage
7.Make compost

- The People -


-Other Activities-

- The Stage -

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'Workaholic' Trip to Johor Bharu

2009 to 2010 is a hectic transition, because of my involvement to one ICT project implementation at Jay Bee - Johor Bharu. Tiring and sickening, but I was grateful for doing an out-of-routine job. New experience, new knowledge, new problem, new faces, ... ALL BRAND NEW, and it suits with the New Year 2010 celebration.

JB people?

My friend said that JB fellows are mostly arrogant. But I like one aunty who work in the hotel cafe, not just for her tasty foods, but also for her sweet & warm welcoming smile :-)

Working Trip - back and forth from KL to JB

Job Location?
Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), Danga Bay, Johor Bharu

KOZI Hotel, Danga Bay

Dec 2009 till Mar 2010

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Kerupuk Ubi Asli Bawean

My mother is amazing. Look at this kerupuk ubi (Tapioca snack) she made! This is asli Bawean, okay! But, not all Baweanese familiar with this version, becoz it's designed and invented by my mother's late aunt at Sangkapura. It's a 'legacy' I should be proud of.. but I'm not sure if I would be able to adapt and sustain this invention :-p

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