A Heart Made of Stone

Bumblebee bumblebee
Reach out your morning glory

            Rumble me rumble me
            To you I couldn’t help to feel sorry

What a busy busy
Bumblebee flying alone

            What a dizzy dizzy
            Facing a heart that made of stone

Bumblebee bumblebee
Between flowers you care of
Its sweetness sense a call

            Rumble me rumble me
            Within you is what you fear of
            It's the reason behind these all

Bee glory-glory
You let sweetness surrounded you
As you are now in hall of fame

            Heart stony-stony
            You let darkness grounded you
            So that you have a point to blame

Bumblebee bumblebee
Goodness is what you feed
To a delicious sweet honey tart

            Proud me proud me
            Sunshine is what you need
            To melt your malicious stony heart

            O' dearest heart-stony
            Don’t you know, your sunshine is me??

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