Countdown 2010

Dear Bloggie,

It’s almost end of the year now, and once again, I’m in a self-assessment state. I don’t remember everything. Instead, I don’t like to be reminded of ALL things. But, learning path has brought me into some understanding. Therefore, it might be useful to look into some highlights.

2009 begins with surprises, going with surprises, and ends with surprises. Some of them has became so important and marked up a turning point of certain paradigm. Some has revealed “unexpected” colors of my true self and has “released” silly results. As usual, there were tough and crazy decisions been made along the way but thinking of it now, I actually had lots of fun and enjoy every second of it because I believe there will be light at the end of a tunnel. Anyhow, nothing of those has lessened the gratitude I had developed in me for years.

I had several “first time” experiences this year. I had my first student (besides my own little brother) for my tuition class this year, a Chinese girl next door, who lacking in English and Bahasa Melayu. I had my own first sewing machine and had sewed my first pencil case for Amil and a make-up casing for me. I had experienced broken-hearted for the first time that caused by love. I had my first experience of becoming an emcee for a formal program, and keep on doing it for several times already. I had my first program with amazing kids from orphanage home.

Besides first times, there are places I visited for different purposes in 2009. Most of these visits were unplanned and came to me by surprise. The most alarming was a visit to my homeland, Bawean Island to attend my grandmother who was very ill and demanded to see me and my mother. Thank goodness she has recovered and now has back to normal. Other visits were due to work purposes and tasks I had to fulfill in this whole year 2009.

But there were few losses too. I had lost one aunt in September and one uncle in October. Two big loses in just 40 days.

Well, enough of highlighting experiences that ARE history. Tomorrow is mystery. But today is a gift. That’s why it is called present :-)

Happy New Year everyone. May Allah bless you.

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ASPEN SHOP II - Amazing Kids

ASPEN School Holiday Program (SHOP) - Series II

5 & 6 December 2009

ABC Resort, Janda Baik, Pahang

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