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Tagged by Sue this time, has put me into one kind of difficulties. It's always not so easy when it is about ourselves. But, based on a guide, I need to attract only the good thing. I hope I do the same for this one too. Here i go;

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- The 7 Facts about Me -

1- Analytical
I will start on my key skill. Analytical. Analysis is the thing I like to do most. When I make it into real practice, and I able to conclude something priceless in the end, I be the happiest satisfied people on earth. I like to do reasoning between things around me. I like to see things at both sides. Sometimes, people dislike me for this reason too; Coz my logic will normally out from majority desires, but always in line with what truth really is. But Fact will always be fact, no matter how bitter it is, right? "Kebenaran itu pahit" :-)

2- Universal
I can prove this with the range of music i like to listen to. I enjoy listening to varieties of music; rap, hard rock, slow rock, R&B, pop, blues, ethnic, jazz, classical, and not to forget, Dangdut too .. hehe. You name it, as long as it has some rhythmic char that my ears cud understand, I will nod my head, tap my feet together with the flow... it indicates I am enjoying. Good music or bad music, that is later to be considered. I was even humming few melodies to my poems instead... I have few in my head... But can't put it on paper since the knowledge I have about melody script, (as far as I cud remember), was only the one I learned during primary school... alias, NULL.... hihi... Kesian nya I...

3- Typical, unique, or weird??
People say, there's always first time for everything. But, most of my first times happened quite late, (based on most of my friends definition) Hehe…
1st time Cinema, when I was 22, when I needed to be involved as the AJK of some formal program there.
1st time for IT when I was 20, Semester 1 for my Deg in Software Eng. I started off with ZERO knowledge about IT, but I became the only gal in class who fall in love with programming that much.
1st time know how to make up when I was 23, needed to show up on stage to perform a traditional Malay dance. Gosh! Too shy to perform. That was my first and last experience on dancing.
1st time falling into someone (seriously, not cinta monyet) when I was 23, he happened to be a Chinese. But, it didn't last as long for few reasons.
First time karaoke? 2007 (very recent huh? huehuehue)
"You are typical KL girl!” exclaimed a friend when I tell bout my first time stories… .hehehe

4- Open minded, open hearted
When I say 'universal', it has a lot relation with having an open mind & open heart. Mind and heart, both play important role in humanity. Mind work to receive & manifest facts around us. If it's acceptable, we will store them in our heart. This process happens all the time in my life. Sometimes it turns out to be very good, sometimes could easily being abused too. Anyhow, the bottom line is the lesson I had learned from all experiences, those are PRICELESS. Thank you, Allah.

5- Enthusiast
Besides 'open', I have a 'big' heart too. Hehheh... It means, I am ambitious, and I had planned for a better life, time by time. To me, the excitement of life is "uncertain". So, if we know how to enjoy with the uncertainties, we cud go anywhere, do anything we want. I can’t wait to see the end of result of everything I've done, is doing, and going-to-do. But, what matter most is NOW. Work hard Fia!! Chayukk!!2x

6- Dum-dum Shy?
Err... let's focus only to what goodness this char cud offers me. Yea, I admit, I am shy-shy cat; malu tapi mau. Hehehe... This is very obvious; I’m a gal u see. Good thing about this is, I cud reserve some ‘things’ for myself, and only for myself alone. But, not much, coz I don’t need much anyway, a little will do, good for healing purposes sometimes… (Really?! I donno) hahaha...

7- Orang tua
My sis told me that I am ORANG TUA. When I give advice, I talk like the oldies. When I sing Rhoma songs, she said I like old songs. When I refer to history, she said I talk old stuffs. When I like green, she said I choose old colors, bla bla … old… bla bla… old blabla bla.... hmm what do you think?
Alright, I’m old. Kekekeke. No harm being old, guys. I can’t wait to get older, but being old, at the same time reaching the Top, is often be my dream of a lifetime.

Who am I going to pass this tag to? I wanna mention only two names, Nini and Aish. Care to share ladies? U know better, what sharing, caring and loving is all about, din u? :-)
The rest, who has the same interest to pick this up in ur blog, are welcome to do so.
Thanx all. Have a good day! (#)