How effective Love is ?

I'm called to write something about Love. But strictly to focus on how strong the process of falling in love affects a person in real. Why?

To date, I've always kept a general belief in my mind, that love somehow reserved a mystical power in one's life. Everyone will surely had chance to fall in love, no matter whom or what ones are.

Yes, anyone can fall in love at any time, any where. You simply don't need reason to fall in love. And, often, people just can't realize when exactly they started to fall into someone, in fact, so badly.

One ironical truth is, regardless of your intelligence, daring, or how tough your character is... in a typical unexpected moment in your life, love can use its mystical power to CHANGE you, might it be for better... or worse.

To realize about this effectiveness of what love can do, I strongly agreed to quote saying "don't play with fire if you don't want to get burn".