Better Utilization of Resources

Hello blog! I'm back from a week off. Seeking & striving to upgrade knowledge and skills towards... something that of course, has nothing to do with puisi or swakarya... hehehe.

I'm working in IT field, so what I often have in mind should be all about IT. Though it is about IT, but as usual, I’ll interpret some related knowledge in this recent training to something else more normal, something not so IT...hehe.

I've learned a concept of virtualization. Virtualization is a technology that revolutionizing the computer industry. It is very much the word of the moment. You could find a lot of IT definitions and terminologies through internet on virtualization. It can go as simple as one physical machine that have ability to run on a single OS, can now have the ability to run as few different machines with its own OS each, running concurrently, virtually and reliable. Yes, you can do that with Virtualization.

So, this approach has a lot to do with better utilization of resources. Imagine you have a complete set of a computer with its CPU, RAM, NIC, and Disk etc. The percentage of utilization of one computer in standard environment is only, say... 30%. So, at certain amount of time, you'll have 70% unutilized resources in one computer. What if you have 20 computers in your environment?

Now, let’s look into human brain, the best creation of The Creator. Brain is the center control of processing power in human body. With better utilization of brain, we could be a super power human being. As an employee, effectiveness and efficiency are two qualities to be achieved in everyday life routines. Better utilization of brain helps to do this, especially in multitasking. In this multitasking situation, our body works the same way as virtualization. One person is able to do tasks for two or three persons.

Well, let’s look at simple example. When we go to pasar malam to buy apam balik, the stall often crowded with apam balik fans queuing up to buy that delicious kue. The Stallman will have three pans cooking the apam at the same time. No matter how busy the Stallman is, he tried his very best to keep his customers happy. While chit chatting with some of them, his hands and body maintain working to fry new apam, pouring the mixture onto the hot pan, adding some sugar and corn onto the other pan, and scooped out the cooked apam in another pan, then wrapped it with paper. Look, in practice, he's doing public relation, at the same time operating all tasks from beginning process till the end, all on his own. This is one good example of multitasking and better utilization of our body.

But, bad thing about this is, people often abuse the ability of multitasking in human body, especially lazy bosses. Those kinda bosses, they don’t truly understand what multitasking really means. All they know is to keep you working and working until the last drop …!! Out of topic huh? Hehee.. hope you enjoy reading…

p.s. doain aku lulus jadi VCP - - VMware Certified Professional :-)