Ancient Cendol

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...!!
huu..huuuii.. now i have a great routine to fill in my 'leisure' time after work. Cendol Time!!
This is a cendol mamak stall, located near as-syakirin mosque, DU, PJ. This stall has existed more than 20 years. He's the same mamak, at the same place, and serving the same fav cendol i often have after school last time. (Of course, to walk under the hot sun from TTDI to Kayu Ara, this mamak stall had always been a good pit stop for me).

This is the mamak cendol i had ysterday.. white pulut is a must for me.

Dear mamak, i'm no more the same student, i'm a working lady now, and i dont live nearby too. I know it has been more than 20 years .. and you are too synonym with this place already. It will never be the same without you here, (though your son is now helping and preparing to take over). May you have a happy life with all the wonderful people around you. Amin.