Moving From Subjective Towards Objective

Yesterday was good, another day of me learning something new. The meeting with client went on just fine. There were few clarifications still on due, but something else more important had caught my interest.

During the meeting, we really had an open discussion. Everything was spontaneous and I was glad to have partners and team that are knowledgeable and deliberate over all requirements. Since this was final clarification on technical, the client had highlighted some new 'familiar' expectation. Chosen vendor must be willing to start the project for the first two months without any 'type' of failure, and if they can't, the client has all the right to say final good-bye. These two months is purposely to test on how well vendors can cope with human relationship matters between vendors’ operational people and the client operational people. In short, the CIO stated that they want these two months as a platform of moving from subjectivity towards objectivity.

As the CIO of one Government Link Company (GLC), he realises how human subjectivity can put a project into relatively high risk. No matter how good you are, if it is still subjective to human free interpretation, it will never be at any level of comfort ness to deliver the work and become successful.

The importance of being objective is clear. Objective helps us to aim and strive. Objective help us to focus strictly to what important, not bias towards any personal opinion/interest. So, it helps us to keep on track and run faster.

In contrast, being subjective is one good consideration of common human characteristics. To realise about this, subjectivity is important to re-evaluate our action from time to time, and be able to develop better quality of job towards creating new maturity level of our own. Subjectivity is important for healthy competency in an organization (should be).

In the end, what important still be the results. To be results oriented, we must know how to leverage our subjectiveness and objectiveness together along the way in any implementation we are on. This will keep us busy determining and setting up the optimum level of everything. Of course, that's the way it is!



  1. syA said,

    Guess it is hard to distinguish between these two different words..
    they sound similar but they carry totally different meanings.

    My own interpretation:
    subjective - not an overall factual judgement, it is more to personal observation and opinion, limited or no fact and evidence whatsoever.

    objective - unlike subjective, it is non bias judgment, factual.

    Correct me if i am wrong with my own interpretation..hehe.. =) live long..

    on June 27, 2008 at 12:36 PM  

  2. Your interpretation was good Sya .. Subj & Obj, those words are both self-explained. But, yes, sometimes it is hard to distinguish due to dependencies on certain situation.

    All the best to you :-)

    on June 30, 2008 at 10:56 PM