Carving The Pathetic

That moment
When sight is thin
And sound's deafening
I held my breath
Your sorrow eyes starring
Tugging my heart till break

That moment
When engine's screeching
And the car starts moving
To make way between us again

You wave your hope
You smile in pain
For you and me to obey this cycle
This is what we need to prevail

Carving the pathetic moment
With you my beloved gentleman
I had neither doubts nor regrets
For all we've been through
And all that still awaits
I pray the best for you always

Love is a sweet torment they say
Yes indeed ...
but I, will lead my way!



  1. syA said,

    Have I not told you that pathetic is one of my favourite words? So, when I saw this poem title of yours, it really caught my attention.

    Carving the pathetic. Reminding me of the pasts indeed. Pasts that we don't (read: can't) regret, become lesson of life. Though how beautiful life could be, bitter moments somehow would haunt us.

    'Love is a sweet torment'<--- this is such a killer line, I adore it.

    So, what's left for us now? Move on, live on indeed... Great art, darl. Two-thumbs UP...

    on September 16, 2008 at 11:05 PM