Penjara Sg Buloh, my paradigm shift

Sunday, 21 Sept 2008, Penjara Sg. Buloh was my destination for the weekend. I have a friend in prison? Yes, but not for criminal act. He was locked up for having faulty document (the common fault for immigrant like us). This entry is not going to discuss further on the case, because everything is being handled accordingly now. But this is my very first experience to visit someone at prison. I had put kinda negative thought in my mind, thinking that the prison and prisoners will look something like the one at the movies. Horrible.

So, with all that uncertain feelings, I entered the place.
After registering our car at the guard entrance, parked, and then we proceed to the service counter. There were many people with the same intention like us, to visit their relatives. When I saw few of the friendly signs welcoming visitors and promoting their 3S service (Salam, Senyum, Sabar) , I put some kinda hope for my friend in there will not be treated as bad.

And, thank God, he doesn't seems to be in condition I have pictured out in my head. I was so relief to see his face even clearer and cleaner than before. I was glad that he doesn't look like the way his brother described to me about him when he was detained at the place for the first time. It's been 15 days now since he being locked up. He might already have some kind of understanding of the situation and have start knowing his peers. I shouldn't be so surprise when he told me that he make friends with many Baweanese, mostly detained for the same reason. Hmm.. we Baweanese start building up our population everywhere on the globe, even in prison ? But, whenever it is about immigrant issues, we the immigrant will surely take part, not just for the good ones, but also for something not so good. That is so human.

I remember once Abah mentioned a very good thought. Jejari besi hanya boleh memenjarakan badan, kaki dan tangan , tapi bukan hati. Well... being locked up is never useless. Despite the experiences they need to go through during punishment period, prisoners should not be idle. In fact, they are to be as productive. HAMKA completed his Tafsir Al-Azhar while in prison. I hope he got what I meant from this example. And also I hope, he'll be able to extract the good things out of the bad and make use of the experiences he gained to lead his life for the better future. (fia)



  1. syA said,

    wow..da ade experience ke penjara..
    sian ur friend will be spending raya there...all the best to him..

    on September 27, 2008 at 11:10 PM