Free Time Wisdom?

Last weekend was a little different from other weekends I’ve had so far. I had learned in other perspective, what free time really means. I went for window shopping whilst waiting for my brother back from his school activity. Yes, strictly window shopping, I reminded myself (the last time I went window shopping, I end up with two shopping bags in my hand, a pair of new shoe in each of them ... hehehe).

But this time, as soon as I entered the mall, my eyes had been attracted to some rows of shelves, displaying some interesting books. Well, it’s not wrong to flip some of them and have a closer look, isn’t it? Hehe...

So, there was I... Flipping and reading... Most of them are motivational, personal development books, the type that I often find so interesting, so awakening about. Finally, I end up of buying two books, breaking that ‘window shopping’ rule once again. Hehe …

“Laughter the Best Malaysian, Great Jokes.. Malaysian Style” by David Tong.

This book claim to be destined as a BESTSELLER! hahaha… That quote alone is funny to me... It made me laugh... I seldom enjoy laughing lately, so I think this book will help me to cure back my laughing sense...hehehe...

Second book tittled “CONFIDENCE How to Succeed at Being Yourself” by the author of the international Best-Seller “The Friendship Factor” Alan Loy McGinnis. This book has been sold more than 270 thousand units. I chose this book based on the saleslady’s advice, when I had to choose between two different ones.

“To whom do you want to buy this book for?” she asked politely.

“Myself”, I replied her with smile, knowing what thought she probably had in mind.

“Then, I suggest you pick up this one (Alan Loy's). More worth buying”, said she, with smile too.

I should give credit to her for that advice. Those two books are really worth to add on my personal collections. I already started reading them, anytime, anywhere suitable. But, for my surprise, I found out there’s always time suitable for me to read them. Hahaha…

So now, I defined free time as a time that intentionally being made free to do something I like. Hehe… Yup, I’ll share the content of these books in this blog whenever I have that ‘free time’.

(p.s. I started to love using this phrase already... :-)