Reality of Hope

A friend came to me and shared a little few things he currently felt uncontrollable with. He realized he got problems. He's just like other smart man I’ve known, looking for best solution whenever facing a problem. But, when problems keep accompanying the day, one after another, we would tend to worry and afraid of stumbling upon our own reaction. Well, I never knew whether I ever be a good advisor for other people, but I’ve tried to become an excellent one for myself, at least.

I remember one saying, problem creates opportunity. But, words are always easier said than done. We need a lot more effort to gain the objective. At this point of time, we would start talking about positive thinking, positive perceptive, positive attitude, all in all positivism that we could possibly achieved. But, one thing I could think of to summarize all these is; Faith. Also could be represented as; Hope. When there is time where we could take a deep breath in a middle of tightness of our surrounding, there comes hope. There comes the strong belief to hold on to faith. Until one can sincerely tell to himself, “Don’t worry, dear. In the end, everything will be just fine”.

But, not everyone think the same way. They feel hopes are useless, since they have their own perception and understanding of what life really means. Zig Ziglar in one of his books said, hope is not passive-it is an active attitude. Life itself is not passive-it requires an active attitude. Many times in our life we filled with great expectations. Study revealed that people with great expectations get the most out of everything. Oftentimes, we don’t get everything we expect, but as compensation, many times we get many things we did not expect. This expectation principle applies to all of life. Good or bad the result is, all are subjective to own evaluation. So, don’t get fed up, put up hope and hold on to faith, live that problematic life with enjoyment; treat each of it as a mission, because you won’t know what satisfaction waiting ahead of you once a mission is completed.